The VeriClean System employs an evidence-based validation program to improve the thoroughness of cleaning and disinfection of high touch environmental surfaces by integrating products, processes, training and validation tools into an integrated approach to improve patient outcomes.



Diversey Care's Fluorescent Marking Spray and UV Black Light are innovative solutions that, when used together, offer a quantifiable method of assessing cleanliness in any environment on almost any hard surface. 

The VeriClean Validation tools are part of the VeriClean System, and are used, in conjunction with the right product and process, to improve the cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces.

In a study of the transmission of Norovirus, C. diff and Acinetobacter, fluorescent ink validation with UV light demonstrated a clear improvement in cleaning efficacy (Weber and Rutala, 2010).

The fluorescent ink system is the most cost effective model. Its immediate results are designed to improve cleaning outcomes and reduce the risk of the environment in the transmission of HAIs. Diversey Care’s VeriClean™ System comprises a fluorescent ink spray that is applied to a surface before cleaning commences. Post-cleaning testing is performed with a UV light and the results are entered into a software program. The system offers epidemiological analysis, staff training and tool optimisation to ensure continuous improvement in cleaning and disinfection practice.


The VeriClean Fluorescent Marking Spray and UV Black Light are used in conjunction with special auditing tools, which help pinpoint areas that require improvement. This can help optimise cleaning practices and reduce the risk of transmitting HAIs. These tools are available in hard copy forms or using Diversey Care’s web-based auditing software, IMAP.


Diversey Care provides continuing support and role-based education as part of the VeriClean System. On-site training, on-line modules and training aids in the use of validating tools, auditing forms and best-in-class procedures help optimise cleaning practices and reduce the risk of infection.

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